Jack Lanzi’s Chemistry Tutoring

I have always found myself to be a math and science kid, so it made sense to me that I would tutor in Chemistry and lead Chemistry Review. I am also in the AP Chemistry class this year, so much of the content they were studying I had to know for the course. I love opportunities to look at concepts from a new perspective and helping students with chemistry gave me a chance to see things in a new light. Throughout the year, the students I helped made me look at ideas that always made sense to me and articulate them more clearly. As I did this, I found myself gaining a deeper understanding of the content I was explaining. I was also able to speak with the chemistry teachers about what I found to be the main concepts confusing students.
One particularly interesting tutoring session I had was when I was explaining how a certain diagram related to something called resonance structures. The way the picture was drawn, it looked as though a molecule was doing three separate motions in rotation, where in reality it was doing all three at the same time. It was incredibly gratifying to see the aha moment on her face when it all clicked, a feeling remember having about the subject (unfortunately after I took the test for that particular unit). Looking forward, I can’t wait to continue to bring my love of science to the student body at friends in the coming year as I take AP physics and hopefully tutor another student.

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