Service With Geny

The past few days, I helped Geny Kimbrell make packets to hand out to rising juniors for their college trip this summer. The work was pretty tedious since I had to photo copy sheets for 10 different schools and make twenty copies of each packet. I also had to correct the mistakes I made or I had to cross out unhelpful information. While the service itself was not very enlightening, I learned to really appreciate what Geny does for us.

Having gone through the process this year, I know that Justin and Audrey do a lot for the seniors and juniors but they are in the foreground. It is easy to see the work they put in to help us, though I am sure most of their work is behind the scenes. Geny does not have as much physical presence but she really does a lot for the seniors and I really appreciate all the work she does just to make our lives a little easier.

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