YPI Reflection

My attitude toward my social issue changed a lot. Before we chose our social issue we only knew some people who have gone through domestic violence but not the exact details or how serious it really was. As we learned more about our social issue I realized that the social issue we chose was very serious because it’s a lot of pain to go through physically, mentally, and emotionally. People who went through these social issues are really survivors because they had to have courage to seek help and get away from the problem. I developed a whole bunch of skills during this project. Skills such as social, public speaking, and researching/investigation skills. Social skills because I had to work with group members in order to do the project. Public speaking because at the end of the project while we were wrapping everything up we had to present to our world history teachers first. Then we presented to the whole freshman class with judges critiquing us. Finally researching/investigation skills because we had to research our social issues and find specific stats for New York to our social issues and then on top of that had to investigate around looking for a non profit organization that helps put an end to our social issue. The most challenging part about the whole project had to be the public speaking part both to our history teachers and to the whole freshman class. Since I get really nervous with talking in front of people it just overwhelms me and makes it the hardest part for me. The aspect of the project I find most rewarding is learning morE about my social issue. I learned a lot about it. I came into this project with not a lot of knowledge about Domestic Violence and I finished the project with a better knowledge of what it is and how it can occur and etc. Since we didn’t win the grant me learning more about the social issue is a reward itself. I will remain engaged with my social issue by speaking out about it more or by participating in fundraisers that help out the social issues. By doing these such activities will show that I support the extermination of Domestic Violence. I will not continue to engage with my non profit organization because they are very private and it’s hard to contact them because there are certain boundaries dealing with the social issues. If there is a public event going on and I’m allowed to participate then I will but if it’s not public then my chances of participating are very low.

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