Alex’s Experience with Project Cicero

As a sophomore, I participated in Project Cicero’s big book drive and sorting in the Hotel Pennsylvania, which is across the street from the not-so-hot Knicks’ Madison Square Garden, and I decided to work with this organization this year. Project Cicero works to create and supplement classroom libraries in under-resourced New York City public schools, something that is beneficial to all education in New York City. Like last year, the event that I attended was one where we all sorted all of the books that had been donated in order to support this cause. I arrived on the Saturday of the event with my brother, both of us ready to sort early reader books from sports biographies, and other work along that line. I find sorting books very soothing, which made the work quite easy and made it possible for me to work for a long period of time. For about 3 hours, I wandered around a large room full of people with a large stack of books in my hands, and placed the wide variety of books in different cardboard boxes, finding it relaxing and not strenuous at all. Project Cicero is a very successful organization. It has distributed 2.3 million new and gently used books to more than 13,000 New York City classrooms, reaching over 550,000 students. I highly recommend participating in one of it’s next events because the work is not difficult; however, the significance of your work is high. In the future, I will be working with Project Cicero, ready to sort any book that comes my way.

Project Cicero:

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