Jake’s Service Reflection

One of the most interesting experiences I had doing service this year was at the People’s Climate March in September. I didn’t march with the Friends group – instead, I helped my cousin, a videographer, document the event (here’s the link). Participating in the march was a powerful experience. Here were 400,000 concerned citizens taking over the busiest streets in the city to demand change (I was particularly impressed that the march shut down 42nd street). Environmental issues are a strong interest of mine, although traditional grass roots activism like this is not something I often do. I am generally┬ámore interested in the pragmatic aspects like policy change and technological innovation. Still, I was really happy about the March’s high profile, and I felt that participating in a it was a worthwhile thing to do. The March helped to highlight an important UN environmental conference, and it also came less than a year before the Paris environmental summit this summer. I felt that as a participant and documentarian of the event, I was reminding our political leaders that the public is serious about climate change.


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