Nicolette’s Nepal Trip Reflection

Over Spring Break, I went on the Nepal service trip. Over the course of two weeks, I experienced so many things that I never imagined that I would have the chance to witness. There were small things I noticed while staying in the small village where we helped to build the foundation of a new school. Within our own group, I witnessed the close bonds and friendships that were growing to be even stronger. We strived to do our best to provide the best aid we could as representatives of the Friends Seminary community. Among the villagers that we were working with, the same sense of camaraderie grew quickly. Despite the obvious language barrier, everyone, from old to young, knew the purpose of what we were doing. We didn’t need words to work well together. The smiles, laughs, sweat, and the future of the village’s schools were all we needed to comprehend. The simple tranquility that echoed throughout that village was unlike any other sensation on Earth. The worksite, the classrooms, and the clear night sky all held the same feeling of purity that I never dreamt of coming across.


2 thoughts on “Nicolette’s Nepal Trip Reflection

  1. Nicolette,

    One of the highlights of the trip was the bonds forged between the Friends group and the villagers. There’s nothing like shared common work with meaning and purpose.

    I hope you’re enjoying your summer. I look forward to seeing you in September. Stop by the office, I’d love to catch up.

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