Lucas’ Service Reflection

In the months leading up to service day, each student was put into groups and asked to research a local problem.  Each team of students picked a topic that they felt somewhat personal about but my group picked one that I felt extremely passionate about, homelessness.  “You know where I was when you were born? Right here”, Richard Jefferey told me the other day on the corner of my block.  This is a man that has known me since day one, and hasn’t socially stuck since then.  Richard has gone through many rough times including losing one of his lungs to cancer and his family abandoning him.  On his birthday last year he described to me how people view him, a bum, he told me that he wants to be seen and treated as an actual human being and not garbage.  This really made me think about how I treat the homeless.  Richard being the exception, I don’t even notice them anymore, I just walk by.  So when I was presented with the opportunity to research and possibly help the homeless shelters, I was excited.  The school connected us with an organization called BRC or Bowery Residents Committee.  They do more than just housing for the homeless, they help them and teach them.  My team and I learned a lot from the site visit and watched them at work.  The experience of talking to all the residents there and seeing how hard things can be, really opened up our eyes and we wanted to share that feeling.  When it came to service day, we had already made it through the first round and presented it to the whole grade.  Our time with BRC was really amazing and made me think in a whole new way.


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