Service Day Reflection

Going into this year’s service day I was very hesitant; I wasn’t sure how it would working at a meat packing factory, and I didn’t know what we would be doing in the first place. When we got there we went into a room and watched a video on hunger, and the facts were appalling. The massive amounts of children that are starving around the world was so large I almost didn’t believe it. Then, after the video and after they had debriefed us on what we were going to be doing, I was unsure how, and if, we would actually be helping anyone by packing meat into boxes. However, after we had worked hard for numerous hours packing meat into boxes, and weighing and organizing the boxes, they told us how much we really had helped. Apparently we had packed thousands of pounds of meat, which would feed hundreds of thousands of people around the country. When we got back to school we watched a documentary on hunger, in which a statistic was stated that, once again, I believed was too high to be true: 1 in 3 people in the USA suffer from hunger. All in all, I have a completely new outlook on the issue of hunger in the world, and more specifically in America. I didn’t realize the extent to which hunger plagued the country, and with this new knowledge and new experience, I would love to do something like this again!


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