Willa S. Service Reflection

This year for my service requirement I continued my volunteer work at Planned Parenthood. Because I had taken the necessary activist training course last year, I was able to really¬†give my time to the organization this year. I helped assemble safe sex kits and information packets. The Spring Luncheon is Planned Parenthood’s biggest annual fundraiser and raises over $500,000 to support the organization. The work that goes into planning the Luncheon is extremely important. For a couple of hours I folded invitations and stuffed envelopes. Even though the work I did was menial, it was necessary and I definitely felt like I was making a difference. I enjoy working for Planned Parenthood, even though some of the volunteer opportunities I take part in might not be direct activism, because I think the organization is one of the only organizations to really push forward and progress the Women’s Movement by providing health care to all women, regardless of class, race, social-economic status, etc. I love how the organization is welcome to anybody and everybody, and I find working for it to be a rewarding experience considering how important it is to achieving gender equality in our world today.

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