Anna’s Service Reflection

At the very beginning of the school year, I volunteered at Back-to-School Night. Back-to-School Night is a welcome event not just for new parents, but for all Upper School parents. Parents get a chance to meet their children’s teachers, ask questions, and learn a little bit about the content of the classes. In past years, I’ve completed my in-school service by doing a myriad of smaller events that added up (like Empty Bowls and sandwich-making), so to do a major school event like this one was new for me. Usually my in-school service experiences were physically in school, but to benefit an outside organization, so getting to help out at an event for the Friends community was a good experience.

I was assigned timekeeper– an interesting job, since it involved ringing a large metal bell in a hallway of the main building– and I served as a general guide for parents who were unfamiliar with the building. It was a fun, albeit slightly chaotic experience, and I enjoyed meeting parents and helping to keep the event running smoothly. I also got to keep my neon Friends t-shirt, which I will probably wear next year when I volunteer for Back-to-School Night again.

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