Eli’s Service Reflection

This year I was part of the outreach initiative called Head Start. The Head Start Program is an organization in New York City that offers families in poverty free educational programs for children three to five years old. I volunteered to play with kids at one of the Head Start centers. Within a few short hours of playing with dinosaurs and rockets I felt like I was able to connect with the kids and make sure they all had fun. It occurred to me that many of these kids were at Head Start in the late afternoon well after three o’clock, when most kids would be picked up by their parents. For whatever reason, be it work or something else, the children’s parents were unable to pick them up so they waited at Head Start. It was fulfilling to make these children smile and laugh but it was even more fulfilling to know that, in my small way, I was helping a potentially struggling, time-pressed parent get through a busy day by making sure their child was having fun until the parent had time to pick the child up.

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