Evan Bolotsky’s YPI Reflection

For almost three weeks me and my classmates participated in a service project called YPI, short for youth and philanthropy initiative. The goal of the project is to get teens involved in problems in our communities. Everyone was put into groups of three to five kids. Each group was told to choose a non-profit in New York. My team choose a group called City Squash, based in the Bronx. City Squash helps underprivileged children with their school work, while teaching them squash at Fordham University. When we visited their small offices in the Bronx I could immediately see the dedication of the kids and the people helping them. This really opened my eyes to this huge problem throughout the country. Throughout the project I kept thinking about the dedication and it really motivated me. While giving the final presentation I felt good about what I had done. I knew it didn’t matter wether we won or lost because we raised awareness about the issue to the whole community. During the project I really developed better public speaking skills. After the project I have stayed in touch with the organization and I have been thinking about volunteering there this summer.

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