Olivia’s Service Reflection

This year I helped out at the middle school event, Friends After Dark. For those of you who don’t know, Friends After Dark is a sort of party for 5th graders where they get to dance, eat pizza, watch movies, and play video games. I didn’t go to Friends for middle school so I was unfamiliar with all of the middle school faculty. However, they were all very friendly and supportive when I was trying to control the kids.  Most of the kids who were in the dance room, where I was told to DJ, were completely crazy. They were all so passionate about what song should play next that they swarmed around me so tightly that I couldn’t see and screamed so loudly that my ears rang even after I left.

I didn’t really enjoy doing this service. It was probably not worth the 2-3 hours of service I got for it. However, afterwards I felt more connected to the friends community because I was exposed to so people I had never interacted with.

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