Lilith’s YPI Reflection



 The New York Foundling, is the non profit organization that helps treat addicts, and lead them to recovery.  When I first began with this project, I chose this social issue because I thought addiction was a problem, and that it’s a social issue that needs to be payed attention to.  However, over the course of the researching, going to the non profit, and presenting, I realized that it was much more than an issue of addiction in New York.

What I came to see and realize, is that addiction is much more than just one social issue; it’s many.  Addiction is the result of many social issues, and it’s the cause of many social issues.  It seems to touch so many other problems in New York City and the world, making me realize just how important it is to start treating addiction.  Doing this project helped me realize the sort of vicious ongoing circle so many people can not get out of.  One who becomes an addict, can then start performing poorly at work, possibly leading to them being fired, now with no job and spending their money on drugs or alcohol they can’t pay rent, and can eventually become homeless.  Just in that example, addiction led to being jobless, in poverty, and eventually homeless.  Before doing YPI, I hadn’t seen how difficult it is to be caught up in that lifestyle.  YPI also opened my eyes to how simple it can be to help.  Even volunteering just a couple hours to places like our non profit could benefit immensely.

Just this one project taught me so much, and helped me understand so much more about the city that I live in.  Before YPI,  I didn’t see just how tied together these social issues are.  It was overall, an amazing experience.



(I wasn’t able to attend my site visit.)


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