Edie’s Service Reflection

Over spring break I cooked meals for the Friends shelter a couple times.  I cooked dinner, dessert, and breakfast and then delivered the meals to the shelter.  When I arrived at the shelter, all of the beds were set up and I met some nice people who volunteered to work at the shelter that night.  It was really great to be able to do something so closely connected to my school.  I think it is really amazing that Friends’ quaker values are alive at all hours of the day, and it is helping people in need even when most people are sleeping.  Living in New York, I think we all see a lot of homelessness.  I pass by a man everyday in the subway who is so skinny and has a sign blessing anyone who can do anything to help him.  As New Yorkers we are trained to stay away from and avoid eye contact with strangers, so it was nice for me to finally be able to actually “make eye contact” and do my part to help with the huge problem of homelessness in NYC.

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