Jacksons Service Reflection

For my YPI, or Youth Philanthropy Initiative, my group and I researched, visited and presented about the Non for Profit CitySquash, which provides tutoring and competitive squash to students from failing schools in New York City. We wanted to research the social issue of Failing Schools in New York City, while also incorporating a sport element into our research.  After finding multiple Non-profits, we decided on CitySquash. Before our research into CitySquash, I never realized how privileged  I am to go to this school and to be able to receive such a quality education. CitySquash teaches these kids important life lessons and morals, while along with winning competitive Urban Squash championships. After these students joined CitySquash, their average grade point average was raised to 84 percent. Also, as of me writing this reflection, 52 students from the program had been accepted into private independent high-schools.

During our site visit, we met with Alexandra Boillot (Pictured down below). She gave us a whole overview about how they run their organization, how they make sure the students are maintaining good grades by checking in on them with their parents and their teachers, and how they stick with the members in the program all throughout their middle school and high school careers, and even throughout college. And once the members are in college, CitySquash helps them find jobs and internships in professions they want to specialize in. After our talk with her, we all walked over to Fordham university to see the kids in action. When we arrived in the courts, the kids were already playing intense matches of squash. This whole experience was very informative and humbling, and I was moved by learning of and being involved with CitySquash.


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