Matt’s Service Reflection

This service day was the best service day I have ever had at Friends. Not only was it fun, but I felt as though I was making an impact. When I was packing the various meat at the Food Bank, and simultaneously learning about how this food I was packing was going to help people, I knew it would be the most impactful service day yet. Traveling far away and helping out a small community that doesn’t always affect me is a nice for Service, and sometimes better than helping the local community, but this service day I knew I was helping the local community, and I thought that was unique. It was an experience where I felt like I was helping fellow New Yorkers, people who I shared this great city with. That was not the only reason it felt like the best Service day. I also enjoyed the aspect of helping people directly, rather than helping the environment. I think the environment is important, but the impact that I felt when I knew I was packing somebody’s dinner was greater than the impact I feel cleaning up a river or park.

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