Navid’s Service Reflection


For our Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) project, our group decided to research, visit, and make a presentation for Part of the Solution (POTS) – a non-profit based in the Bronx that provides many services for those who can’t afford them, primarily offering food. The issue our group decided to tackle was hunger in New York City. Before this project, the word “hunger” would maybe get me to picture children and adults without food in third world countries – never in the heart of urbanization itself, all around me. However as we researched this issue further, through databases, books, news articles, and more, we found shocking numbers, up to 2 in 5 children who live in poverty and don’t get enough to eat everyday.  Thus, our group decided to research different non-profits dealing with these issues. Of the many we found, we decided to settle on Part of the Solution.


POTS is a large organization, and has provided far over half a million nutritious meals from their food pantry to those who need it, meals with fresh produce. During our research, we reached out to POTS and asked for an interview with a staff member. At the visit, we met with Jack Marth – the Director of Programs at the facility. While walking around, there were many things we saw. Other than the food pantry, the organization offers a community dining room, where those without a home or stable shelter can find a space to enjoy a meal and socialize with others, a law clinic, a postal service, a shower room, and more. Jack Marth explained to us many of the struggles that residents in the Bronx, and citywide, face, including restrictions from the government, unfair opportunities, and one of the biggest issues we had researched – the hunger cycle. Overall, this project was incredibly eye-opening in showing me how wide scale this issue is in my own neighborhood, not only overseas.

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