Rio’s service reflection

This year I volunteered at a soup kitchen called Neighbors Together. It is in brownsvilled Brooklyn and it feeds people who are homeless or just in need of a meal. I thought that the whole experience was good for me because I saw that all different kinds of people came to get food. It was not just homeless people, but children and everyday looking people. I met many people while serving at Neighbors Together. One of the people I worked with was a women who had a main job and volunteered at Neighbors Together out of the greatness of her heart. I thought it was amazing how she, even though she did not have to, volunteered to help feed people who did not have any food. Another person I worked with was a guy who was born in North Caronlina and came to New York when he was 14 because he ran away from home. He said that when he got to the city he shinned shoes for a living and lived on the streets. He then went to places like Neighbors Together and got food and help from people who cared about others and he figured out that he wanted to help people like himself in the future. He now has a family with three children and works at Neighbors Together. His story really touched me because I felt that I had learned about how unfortunate some people are in their lives and how lucky someone like myslef is. I was a little scared to volunteer at Neighbors Together at first, but as I got comfertable with my surroundings and people started talking to me regularly, I was not scared anymore. I hope I can go back and I hope others will check out the website of Nieghbors Together, and maybe even volunteer there one day.

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