Sam’s Service Reflection


This year, my most fulfilling service experience came from my time with a section of Friends Seminary kindergarteners, with whom I spent almost every Friday afternoon during the second semester. I assisted Jody Caiola in organizing materials, supervising students, and teaching photography skills. On most days, I accompanied the kids to Rutherford Park and other local sites where the students were implored to experiment with their cameras and the ways in which different environments and prompts influenced final products. Once they were done shooting, we returned to the classroom and I uploaded pictures into personal folders that I had created for them where they proceeded to experiment with Photo-shop. I helped Jody introduce concepts such as temperature, saturation, contrast, exposure, cropping, landscape photos, portraits, and the like.   From stimuli that were concrete as imitating the style of photographer Ansel Adams to abstract as emulating the feelings of chaos, I got to observe the way in which younger children express themselves creatively. The manner that the students got excited about their respective ideas was one of the most rewarding aspects, as I knew that I had aided in introducing them to this creative outlet. Further, I was enthralled with and refreshed by their enthusiasm, as it is a type of excitement that is unique to that age. In addition to the technical assistance, I forged relationships with some of the students that elicited nostalgic memories of my experiences in elementary school. I remembered how significant certain teachers, classes, and students were in developing my own interests and opinions. Assisting in this class weekly, I was able to observe and be a part of other students entries into exploring their own interests.

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