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Reflecting on the Women’s More Fitness Half Marathon

The Women’s More Fitness Half Marathon took place on April 19th 2015.

My sister was a proud participant, and I was a proud audience member. During

the Half Marathon, I did not cheer for just my sister, but all of the women

running to promote fitness for women. The event was an example of a great

opportunity for any woman looking for a challenge. While cheering on for those

running, I noticed how happy each person was to be running for a cause. The fact

that the event enabled both supporters and runners to come together and

promote women’s fitness was amazing. The strength of the audience and runners

demonstrated how powerful fitness is when done together. Although the runners

were all female, many of the audience members were dads and sons and others

supporting a cause that was not specific to them. This showed me that people

care about more than that which merely concerns them. We are so lucky to have

accessibility to free fitness facilities in NYC such as central park. The race signified

that those places to practice fitness are not exclusive to males, and female fitness

is equally important to male fitness.

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