Max’s YPI Reflection

For my YPI project, I worked with Part of the Solution, or POTS which is based in the Bronx and feeds the people who are food insecure. Before this project my opinion towards hunger within New York was that it was not an important issue; on the contrary the opposite is true. Hunger in New York is much more dense than the nation average. I now understand the importance of this issue and its effects. I developed better group working skills, this is what was hardest for me. Working as a group and working at a pace of multiple people was hard for me as I like to work quickly. I rather than only working at POTS will try to work at more homeless shelters as that is where most help is needed. All in all I loved this project because it took a break from the history curriculum and focused on current events, but not in a passive manner. It allowed us to actively stop the crises that affect our world today. I hope that projects like these will be continued throughout my high school career.

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