Rachel’s Summer Service Reflection

This summer, I shadowed a surgeon at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center during June and July. In addition to observing surgeries and clinic sessions, I was assigned a project in which I calculated the neutrophil to lymphocyte, 2 blood cells, ratio of patients in 4 finished trials. These patients had received varying doses of 2 immunotherapy drugs, ippilimumab and nivolumab. In this study, I was trying to find a connection between 4 weeks of blood samples and the patient’s overall survival. I am continuing my work on this project with a fellow, as we are writing a paper that will hopefully be published in a journal. The information and connections learned from this project may be the early detector of a patient’s survival, which would allow doctors and hospital staff to personalize treatment options efficiently.

During August, I was CIT a beginning chamber class at my camp. This involved helping the kids learn the music, grow as musicians, as well as giving private lessons to a camper each day. The camper, Myhe, I was assigned was ready to learn, trusting, and made the experience so much fun. I could not believe how much Myhe grew as a violinist during our lessons during 3 weeks, and seeing her respond so quickly to my teaching was really rewarding. I hope to be able to teach such wonderful kids again next summer with the same results of the experience.

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