Bea’s Summer Service Reflection

This August I volunteered for my second time at the East Hampton Public Library‘s annual children’s fair.  East Hampton Public Library hosts this book fair for the town to come together as a community and celebrate a number of authors and help support the public library.  This fair brings members of the community of all ages together, wether people are attending, hosting, or volunteering to help make the day special.  Apart from hosting a day of fun, the fair helps advertise local businesses that show their products, as well as show appreciation for the local law enforcement, such as the fire and police departments.

When I volunteered this year, it was one of the more memorable times I’ve had at the fair because I was able to volunteer with some of my other classmates.  I not only worked but got to get to know some of the people who I worked with better than I had before.  This was a great experience because you don’t only get the sense that you are helping to benefit the community you live in, but also have fun while doing so.

One thought on “Bea’s Summer Service Reflection

  1. Bea I’m so glad you got a jump start on your community service this summer! I like that you chose a book fair and hope that you got to read to some of the kids!

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