Chelsea’s Summer Service Reflection

Over the summer I worked at an animal shelter called Bideawee in West Hampton. The experience was amazing. I got to work with cats and dogs. I got to help clean and organize all of the miscellaneous items around the shelter. Another one of my responsibilities was socializing the cats and dogs. I loved this! I would play with them for hours. I would get to learn their personalities. It was a lot of fun.

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One of my favorite parts was getting to see the new animals come in, then returning to find that they were gone because they had been adopted. I loved seeing the animals getting adopted as it made me so happy to know they were going to a good home. Bideawee does extensive research into who can adopt from them.   You know that when a cat or dog is adopted at Bideawee it is going to a good home. When I go back next year I hope all of the animals will be adopted.

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The one thing that stood out to me most was a cat named Matilda who had a feline affliction. I’m not sure what it is called, but it is caused from abandonment at a young age which causes problems in the brain, such as severe balance problems. Every time I walked past her room she would meow at me in a nice way, kind of saying, “Come play with me.” So every day I worked there I spent about an hour or more playing with her and helping her eat, sleep or go to the bathroom. It really made an impact on how I view cats now. Before I met Matilda, I thought all cats had great lives, just sleeping and eating. Now I know that not all cats are as fortunate as others. Next year I hope I will see Matilda again and that I will be able to have the same rewarding experience I did this time.

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  1. This sounds like a great experience! It is awesome that you get to play with the animals as well as help organize and clean the space- and that playing with them can really make a difference. Sounds like a rewarding experience! Did you know that Chloe worked at the same place last summer?

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