Lucas’s Summer Service Experience

I spent all of August in Hawaii and during that time I was teaching young kids how to play basketball. I taught them the basics of the game, I also trained them mentally and physically. I ran the basketball camp in my gated community, there was a lot of responsibility on my back this summer. I was left with 3 or 4 kids for 2 hours 3 times a week for a month. It was incredibly challenging to keep 7-10 year olds focused and engaged in my teaching. I tried new ways to make the kids not get bored every day, some methods worked some did not. The method that worked the best was to make the kids laugh and to not do fundamental drills for long. My patience was also being constantly tested by the kids, at the beginning my patience was bad but by the end it was amazing.

I got attached to some of the kids and I felt sad when they left. I honestly did have favorite kids and I treated them better than other kids. I will definitely try and not do this next summer because the kids who were not the favorites got upset occasionally. A lot of parents did not care about the basketball, they cared more about getting their kids off their hands for two hours. This annoyed me because my services are to teach basketball and train kids, not babysitting. Some of the kids had never touched a basketball before, which made it hard for me to do group drills because everyone was at such different skill levels. But, overall I had a wonderful time and it was an amazing experience.



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