Sierra’s Service Reflection

Over the summer, I volunteered at my old preschool, Hanson Place Child Development Center, in Downtown Brooklyn for 2 months over the summer. While I was there, I took care of 1-2 year old kids and helped them read, play, and learn. Besides working with the kids, I also helped the teachers feed the kids, walk them, take care of them, etc. I believe this helps the community because it teaches young minds little things that will help them later in life, and by starting them out at a young age they will be more prepared in later years of school. This experience improved me greatly, for It helped me understand the basics of taking care of/ helping children with their learning and daily life, and it also helped me learn what it is like to be in a teachers shoes, teaching children to read, play with other kids, and many other things. Compared to other people’s volunteer work, this helped little children learn what many of us learned when we were their age, and it was like passing on the torch to the next generation of kids. By working with those kids and spreading the knowledge I know, and some of the knowledge that I learned when I use to go to school their, I felt like I was giving back to my community and my old teachers who gave so much to me. Overall I had a great experience and would love to do it again next year.


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