Sam Jacovitz Out of School Service Reflection

Over the duration of the summer I was a CIT at a Mass Audubon camp in Massachusetts.  I worked with kids

from ages 6- 12.  I was a camper at the same camp since I was seven years old so it was interesting having to

change roles this year but I enjoyed it very much.  As a my main job was just helping and supporting the

counselors in any way possible from leading a game for the kids or getting equipment for the next activity.  It was

great to finally give off the knowledge that I learned when I was a camper to the current camper now.  After this

experience as a counselor in training I would definitely look into being a counselor either at the same camp in a

few years from now or a different camp some time sooner. I believe that the most important thing that I learned this

summer as a CIT had to be that kids at that age have to go to the bathroom every five minutes!  I hope next year I will

be able to be a counselor in training at the same camp again.  campers-tidepooling

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