Alex’s Schedule Generator Experience

Last year, one method I used to keep track of my classes was to add them as repeating events to the Calendar app on my iPad. Instead of having to perfectly memorize my schedule, I could, at any time throughout the day, simply swipe down Notification Center and see when my classes were. Notification Center also tells you helpful information, such as how many minutes you have until your next class.

It is a challenge for everyone this year to adjust to the new eight day schedule, and it is even more difficult to keep track of when your classes are than last year. Instead of having to memorize five school days worth of classes, you have to memorize eight, and in addition know what number each school day is. This gets even more challenging when you to take into account the holidays on which we do not have school, and how they shift the entire schedule a day later.

As soon as I learned about the new schedule, I tried to put it into my Calendar app like I did last year. I quickly ran into some problems. Unlike last year, you cannot simply create calendar events that repeat weekly. Making events that repeat every eight days does not work either because it does not take weekends into account. Even if you could make events that repeat every eight weekdays, holidays would still be a problem.

The solution I finally came up with takes advantage of Google Calendar’s “Import Calendar” feature. I figured out a way to create a spreadsheet in Excel that can be imported as a calendar. Earlier in the summer, I had begun to learn some basic HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I realized that I could use these coding languages to create an online schedule generator that others could use to easily generate their own spreadsheets that could be imported into Google Calendar.

After a lot of research, programming, and refinement, I was finally able to create a working version of the schedule generator. From there, I added some additional features, such as the ability to add locations, add free periods, have a separate schedule for Semester 2, and even automatically fill in all classes of a certain block letter.

Here is the link to the current (not yet finished) schedule generator, hosted on Google Drive: My schedule generator will hopefully be available as a finished product by Semester 2 or by next year.

“We are in community each time we find a place where we belong and find we are needed.”

–Peter F. Block

By being able to create and share my schedule generator, I feel connected with the meaning of this quote. It is a wonderful and unique service experience to be able to share a solution that I found with the entire Friends community, and I hope it will help everyone manage the new eight day schedule.

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