Matteo’s Service Reflection

This summer I volunteered at the Randal’s Island Park Alliance and took pictures mainly for the organization’s tennis summer camp at the Sportime Center. This specific camp allowed for under privileged children from all areas in Harlem, the Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn to have the opportunity to go outside and learn how to play tennis, dance, and play instruments. Volunteering at this summer camp provided me with a great opportunity to not only help advertise this wonderful organization, but also be able to merge my interest in Photography with service learning. When I went to the Sportime Center all of the children were beaming with joy and were eager to learn how to play tennis and have fun. The staff, which consisted mostly of volunteers, were extremely friendly and it was evident that they were truly passionate about educating and taking care of these children. Most of my service for the organization was photographing the closing ceremony for the camp. This ceremony was an event that presented the camper’s parents as well as the camp’s sponsors all the wonderful work and activities that the children took part in over the summer. There were three main parts of this ceremony. The first part consisted of the tennis instructors telling the parents and sponsor about the skills and activities that the children took part in as well as a tennis demonstration done by the children. The second and third parts focused on the performing arts aspect of the camp. There was a drumming performance done by the children in addition to a dance that was choreographed by the camp’s volunteer Dance Instructor. It was great to see how happy and excited the campers were to present what they have learned to everyone. I felt very lucky to have helped and be included in such a great friendly community.





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