Olivia Alcabes’s Summer Service

Over the summer, I interned at an organization called Writopia Lab. Writopia Lab is a space for kids and teens to work on creative writing with instructors, and to further their writing skills. As an intern, I helped out in workshops with kids ages 7-11. I helped them type up their stories if they weren’t comfortable enough typing, and I gave them feedback and helped them to foster their creativity.

Over my two weeks, I personally worked with about four kids, in workshops with about seven to eight kids each. The first week I assisted a girl named Nicole and a boy named Dasher. They each started off the week a little bit shaky. Nicole would write something very short and then get distracted, and Dasher only wanted to write about a video game. However, by the end of the week, Nicole was able to put her wild imagination to use by creating an entire world in which she wrote a story. Likewise, Dasher was able to use his love of character to create a new story that he created all on his own.

The second week was a little bit different, because the kids were younger, so I focused more on helping them learn how to begin and write extremely short stories, and I helped each of them type. I specifically helped a young girl named Ruwayda. By the end of the week, she had about five short stories that were about half a page each.

I really appreciated the time I had helping young kids to develop their writing skills. They remind me why I myself have a passion for writing, and they show me just how new and exciting it can be. I’ve interned with Writopia in the past, and I’ve gone to them as a student for many years. In the future, I hope to be able to intern at Writopia again.

2 thoughts on “Olivia Alcabes’s Summer Service

  1. The service that you’ve done is quite meaningful, not only to the kids who had trouble in writing, but also to yourself. It’s nice experience as a teacher.

  2. Hey Olivia, I love how you combined your interests in writing with this program. You sound so passionate about the work you were doing. The one-on-one help you provided will stay with those kids for the rest of their lives 🙂

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