Penny Landers’ Service Reflection

Over the summer, I helped clean the beach with the organization, Imagination Nature. While considerably unpleasant, it was worth noting the kinds of things people had left on the beach, and for what reason. The places which had the most trash were locations where people had organized a party on the beach the night before. There were a significant number of cigarette butts littering the sand, as well as items of food which had been left behind and forgotten about. I think that the reason people left so much food on the beach is because they assume it will decompose, and it will, eventually, but not fast enough for it to avoid harming the ecosystem.  It was slightly alarming to come back the next week and see how much garbage had returned to the same places we had just cleared of plastic bags and orange peels seven days before. This emphasized to me how important it is for beach-atendees to use the easily accessible garbage cans located in the beach parking lot.

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  1. I wholly agree and I detest it when people taint our beautiful beaches with their litter. I admire your endeavor to make a difference and I cannot even imagine how frustrating it must be to see that the garbage you cleared up was replaced.

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