CC’s Service Requirement

Over the summer I had an amazing opportunity to travel to Ecuador with a service group called MetoWe. I was able to see a third world country first hand. The experience really humbled me and allowed me to see how fortunate I am to go to such an amazing school. I met a lot of people, although some stood out more than others. Everyday for 2 weeks I worked with about 15 college and high school student to build a school in a small community called kanambu. One 7 year old boy really amazed me because he was worked just as hard as all of us in his only pair of shoes which were flip flops. We also learned that it doesn’t help a community to just go in build something’s then leave. It is all about sustainably. I would love to go on a trip like this again.




3 thoughts on “CC’s Service Requirement

  1. I found this post very enlightening. The commitment and determination by that 7 year old is very inspirational. I also agree the community is all about being there for others.

  2. It sounds like you had an amazing time in Ecuador. I love how you immersed yourself into the culture. What were the locals like and how did you come up with naming the school kanambu?

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