Christian’s Experience with CMA

This summer, I volunteered at the Children’s Museum of the Arts. CMA is “a nonprofit arts facility that brings hands-on art programming to children throughout New York City” (CMA Website). During the summer, CMA has classes at their main facility in West Soho, and classes on Governors Island that are held in what used to be U.S. Naval Officer housing.

This was my second summer volunteering at CMA which offers a wide variety of arts classes. I assisted with three, weeklong film classes on Governors Island: Claymation, Epic Adventure Film, and Pixilation. Each class was based around teaching kids, ages 7-13, an animating computer program called iStopmotion.

This year I was much more involved and given more responsibilities. Each morning and afternoon, I helped chaperone the kids to and from Governors Island. I was put in-charge of workstations and groups and assisted kids if they had questions. I also gained a better sense of effectively teaching kids and also furthered my understanding of iStopmotion and filming techniques.

When I was younger, I took classes at CMA so it was very rewarding to teach kids and help them have the same experiences I had. It was also nice to learn that some of the kids taking the class were lower school students at Friends. Overall, it was a great experience taking on a larger role in helping younger kids express themselves through new forms of art.

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  1. This seems like a great program to do over the summer. I used to also go to the Children’s Museum of Art, I would love to try this over the summer.

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