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During the summer, I was able to volunteer at Javits Center to welcome His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama to New York City. Over a period of 4 days, two of those for preparations in the center, I met dozens of other Tibetan students (many of whom were older than me) and had the opportunity to connect with alot of them. The first two days of preparations were more focused on the labelling of seat numbers and distribution of the prayer books for the 15,000 people to come. With only around 200 volunteers, it did take a while to get the job done; however, once we finished the place was truly a sight to see. On the first day of the teachings (“Tenshug”), I was stationed inside the area where HHTDL was, and I put wristbands on the people leaving the building. My friend and I wristbanded a good 7,000 people during the lunch break. However, the next day I was stationed outside of the seated area, and was placed at the media table and the donation center. I collected and wrote receipts for donations made by Tibetan members of the community. At the media table, a volunteer and I handed out ID badges for the media groups that stopped by. By the end of the last day, a group of ten volunteers (including myself) sorted out thousands of ear and head pieces (used by people who needed translations for the teachings), which took around 2 hours. Throughout the four days, not only was I blessed to be able to volunteer and contribute to the Tibetan community that raised me from an early age, but also honored to meet hundreds of other unique, wonderful, and compassionate Tibetans I would have never gotten the chance to meet.

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  1. Sounds like hard work, but a rewarding experience! It means a lot to see someone always so involved in their communities both inside and outside of school!

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