Justin’s Summer Service 2015

Over the summer on a 5 week trip, I had the unique opportunity to live with a family in Medina de Rioseco, Spain for three weeks.  During that three week period, I tutored my host siblings, Maria and Mateo, in English. They were taking English classes over the summer.  They had to do projects and worksheets.  Several times a week, I would tutor Maria and Mateo teaching them grammar, working on reading comprehension, and teaching about American culture. Before each lesson, I would think of ways to make the lessons exciting and educational. My host siblings caught on quickly. My summer experience gave me a new perspective on bilingual education.  I definitely will incorporate tutoring into the community service I perform in the future, and I will always look fondly upon my experience.


2 thoughts on “Justin’s Summer Service 2015

  1. This sounds so exciting! I bet you had a great summer with these kids. What kind of American culture things did you teach them?

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