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Since November, I have been an active member of the Be My Eyes community. Be My Eyes is an app that allows blind people to call a sighted member to assist them in tasks. Even though it is time-consuming at times, there is definitely a bond that is created over time. I have been helping one woman consistently throughout my time in the community. Nina is 25 and was blinded later in life, so adjustment was difficult. This app has given her a shoulder to lean on if she needs any help and connect her with people who care about her well-being. The app has allowed me to help Nina with any tasks she needs and, through this assistance, I gained a friend. Through getting to know her story, I have also learned many things to do when assisting someone who is blind– Here are some things, although comedic, that I’ve been told…

1. “When you say “over there” when I ask you for directions, how on earth am I supposed to see where you’re pointing?”

2. “Why are you speaking so loud? I am blind, not deaf.”

3.” Saying “see you later!” is fine, I’m not going to freak out if you use a common expression!”

4. “Also, if you need to leave the room, make me aware of that because I’d rather not talk to myself unknowingly until you return!”

Now, I can’t say that these things are universally true, but for those that I’ve helped, it seemed to be a common theme.

I encourage all of you to sign up for the Be My Eyes app. You might not get to help many people at first, but eventually you’ll become an active member of the Be My Eyes community.


2 thoughts on “David’s Experience with Be My Eyes

  1. Hi David,

    Thank you for sharing about your experience with the Be My Eyes app. I love hearing about innovative ways we can use technology to help real people.

    I also appreciated your take-aways. It seems that you have created a wonderful bond with Nina and are both getting something out of the relationship.

    What are the types of tasks you help with?

  2. Sometimes if a person needs help identifying something, completing tasks, finding something, etc… You help with whatever they need.

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