2015 summer reflection

Last summer, I volunteered at my summer program at a farm, factory, and a sewing workshop. At the farm, we picked weeds, washed and peeled onions, and learnt about how the food is distributed. It made me consider how much work is put into the food we eat today and how we should appreciate it more and not take it for granted. At the factory, we labeled and put frozen food items into separate categories to make the process easier for the other workers to place and transport the foods. Again, we noticed how much of a process there is in each thing we make or eat. On our last day, we made little monsters or bears and stuffed them to give the children at a local hospital. While making toys for other children, our drive was stronger and we put more effort and care in each stuffed animal we made. I liked this activity the most because it was a direct connection to the children, and I can imagine how happy they would be to receive a sweet gift while sick in the hospital.

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