Flores Climate March Reflection

Last September, I took part in the largest climate march in history, The People’s Climate March. When my friends and I arrived at 86th street, we had to wait for what seemed like forever for the march to start. I was hungry, tired, and started complaining to my friends who kept reassuring me that the march would start soon and it would be all good. Eventually, it started, and as my friends and I walked down along the west side of Central Park, zig zagging across the west side and making our way downtown to 34th street, we encountered many diverse peoples all fighting for the same cause. I met individuals who had come from all over the world for the sole purpose of partaking in this climate march. Some of these people had traveled many miles and crossed oceans to arrive there whereas all I had to do was take the subway uptown. With a little help from my friends, I realized that my grumbling stomach was insignificant in comparison to the cause I was marching for and that food would have to wait. Although I was just one person out of hundreds of thousands, my presence was necessary for a change to occur. Every single person’s presence resulted in making this climate march the biggest in history and raising the huge amount of awareness that it did.

Although you may feel insignificant in the battle against climate change, the difference one person can make is enormous. Changing the climate requires each individual to take that first step in reversing the damage that multitudes have created. Climate change affects every form of life. From plants to animals, our actions as humans have devastated this planet to a point where salvation seems impossible. I never thought I would be able to make a difference; I never thought I would have enough motivation to walk for miles on an empty stomach. I cannot emphasize enough how the support of my friends kept me going throughout the climate march, and how your support may be the difference that drives one other person to save the planet. Changing the climate requires the combination of many small efforts, not one big fix-all. Raising awareness through this march required the combined presence of everyone who attended. Rest assured, after it was over, I bought a hot chocolate and a scone to satisfy my appetite. However, my new hunger for change was insatiable and I would make a continued effort to save the world through my own life choices, no matter how small.

Acknowledgements: Rachel Wolchok took the attached photo of Isabel Clements.

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