Charlie’s Big Love Weekend Service Opportunity

On Saturday, February 20, I took part in God’s Love We Deliver’s Big Love Weekend where over two hundred people were signed up for a full day of yoga classes. All proceeds went to the God’s Love We Deliver organization. I arrived to the venue at 9:30am and after a brief orientation of what our day entailed, I, along with three other students, acted as a greeter. My role included getting people to sign waivers in case of any injuries as well as for media release purposes. I also directed guests to where they could check in. After all of the guests arrived, our next task was to pack lunches for them. This consisted of forming an assembly line and packing sandwiches, protein bars, and chips into boxes and laying them out on the table.

I enjoyed this service opportunity as I got to interact with new people, all of which were there to support a worthy cause, God’s Love We Deliver. I really enjoyed acting as a greater, and once a system was developed, packing lunches proved to be more fun than expected.

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