Tessa’s Week at Grandview

For the second week of spring break, I volunteered at a public elementary school in suburban New Jersey. Throughout the week, I worked with a third grade class of 16 students. I helped the teacher organize her classroom, sorting books and folding bulletin boarders. I taught several lesson such as three-dimensional shape concept and drawing as well as language arts. I created art projects, teaching them how to make books, about identity and diversity, and acrostic poetry. During down time, I re-decorated five bulletin boards with student artwork and re-printed and laminated signs and magnets. I also helped grade quizzes and check spelling.

I possibly want to go into education when I’m older so working with kids so consistently was really rewarding. It taught me about the patience, creativity, and humor required to work with this age group. This experience helped me figure out that if I were to become an elementary school teacher when I’m older, I would either want to teach third or fourth grade because the kids are still young but are beginning to develop into their own people. I strongly recommend working in a classroom if possible, even if you are not interested in teaching. It is a very rewarding experience and will definitely tire you out if you’re looking for something to do!

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