Chelsea Backer YPI refelction

In what ways has your attitude toward your social issue changed over the course of the project?
My attitude toward my social issue has changed a lot towards the beginning of the project. During the beginning, I was sick so I had no idea what we were even doing. My group had emailed me saying we will be helping homeless lgbtq+ youths who have been kicked out of their homes due to ignorance. At first I thought, okay, pretty cool topic very unique. However as the project progressed, I grew to understand why this issue is important and why need need to inform parents and teachers ect… that their is nothing wrong with being in the lgbtq+ community. I of course had this view at the beginning but with the project I have been able to learn people’s stories and statistics that really shocked me.

What communication skills did you develop over the course of the project?
Over the course of this project I have developed a better public speaking voice. During the first presentation I was not very clear and spoke sort of quietly. During the last presentation, I think my voice was really heard and I had more enthusiasm than I did before. This project has also helped me get in touch with important people. Even though it was relatively easy for our group to contact our charity, does not mean everyone shared this experience.

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