Hugh’s YPI Experience


In what ways has your attitude toward your social issue changed over the course of the project?

At the start of the project, I wasn’t aware how big of a problem immigration was in the US. As I began to research the issue of Islamaphobia and immigration more in depth, I began to realize how many people were affected, escpecialy in New York. Reading stories about how certain immigrants were discriminated against after coming to the US had an affect on me. After meeting staff of the charity, I got an understanding of what I can do to help immigrants settle into New York and I got a better understanding of the issue. This motivated me to work more with the issue and win the $5,000 for my charity.

How might you remain engaged with your social issue or non-profit organization?

During the project, I was emotionally affected after hearing the success stories of many immigrants successfully settling into life in NYC. This emotional connection with the issue will motivate me to volunteer to help immigrants integrate into life in the United States.


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