Matthew Landell’s YPI presentation

My organisation For my YPI topic I did the topic educational disparities, which are the differences in the efficacy of students from different groups. My organisation tackled this issue by providing students with scholarships to private schools closing the gap in which these disparities exist. Over the course of completing the project I found that my attitude towards the topic hasn’t changed significantly. Even before reaching later changes I’m the project I have held educational disparities to having a high impact on the running of society and the outcome of the future. However, as with many tasks, there came challenges with carrying out this project. One challenge I came across was coming into contact with my organisation to set up an appointment to find out more information about them. Although this was somewhat of a challenge, I feel that a reward was me being able to become more engaged and passionate in the task. Instead of just wanting to get it done I learned to embrace the Quaker value of service.

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