Savannah’s YPI Experience

Originally, I did not like our social justice topic. I knew that youth gang affiliation was most definitely an issue, but it was not widespread or relevant. But as we progressed and did more and more research on the topic, I began to realize that while youth gang affiliation is rarely reported on, the statistics say that youth gang affiliation is a larger issue that is not recognized. More kids and teens lived this reality, and we were not so different. The only thing separating me and the kids who faced the challenge of staying away from neighborhood gangs were that we were born into a different set of circumstances; we could easily have been born somewhere else, and it is not fair that they have to grow up so quickly and risk their lives. The connection between history class and YPI was that we learn a lot about how the world came to be, and how the power of people changed the way we live today. People can start a movement, and youth are the ones who can always bring about change. We are the next generation, and if we start learning about various issues today we can be better humans in the future.

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