Youth Philanthropic Initiative Reflection


     When my group members and I came together as a group for the first time, we were unsure how we would be able to combine or reconcile our different initial opinions of what innovation is. It was, initially, a small struggle to find a specific topic that was both a social issue and was something that we identified with. In our search for a non-for-profit that we found addressed a social issue and promoted or fostered innovation, we found Hope and Heroes ( Hope and Heroes was a perfect find for us, as it both addressed the issue of pediatric cancer and searched for innovative cures, all the while trying to make the treatment process less abrasive. They make the treatment process less abrasive by advancing treatment techniques, helping the families cover their bills, and giving gifts to the children. By investigating this information and researching its impact and all that there is yet to do, I have developed a strong desire for change in pediatric cancer, even though I am not directly impacted by it.

     Of my group members, I––mostly––was in contact with our contact in Hope and Heroes, Jeremy Shatan. This communication included introducing us, setting up a meeting, and everything in between. Through these (though relatively brief) communications with Jeremy, I think that I have improved my communication skills. I feel like the YPI project has allowed me to better my ability to convey what I mean to others better over the nonverbal media which is email.

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