YPI Project

for the YPI project, my group chose to work with the topic of female homelessness. We worked with the the organization the Coalition for the Homeless. Prior to completing out project I was excited to work with female homelessness because of the lives that it effects. After doing the project, even though we didn’t win, I am happy to have learned more about the problem and to meet the charity we met with. My talking on the phone skills as well as leaving messages skills improved greatly. Before the project when I talked on the phone with strangers I felt nervous about speaking. During the project because I knew what to talk about, I was able to communicate effectively with the the person on the other end of the phone.the most challenging part of the project for me was setting up a time to meet with our charity. Getting them to finally respond to us was a struggle, but it felt so good when we finally met and talked with them because they helped us better understand the problem and how they are trying to combat it. After realizing that the charity aspect of a community is a great one, I found that this project does have a great deal to do with our course curriculum. It teaches us that helping others is important to keep order in a society.

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