YPI Project – Covenant House

During the last few months myself and my group have been working with the Covenant house. We have been trying to create funding for youth homelessness since we believe it is such a big issue in New York City. We went on a site visit to meet the staff and the youth that lived there. We were impressed with the amount of time and energy that was put into this issue. I personally found it challanging to raise money for our charity. The amount of time you have to put in to your foundation is a lot and can be sometimes stressful. Also the competition for grants is at a very high standard. Throughout the day I witnessed 10 different groups present for their charity. Each group had a good reason and a good cause to donate to their charity, but by being able to raise money for our charity and see the impact it creates on the community makes it worth it all in the end. I didn’t find a really big connection from World History 1 to this YPI project. It did not seem very relevant to what we were learning. Although I can sort of make a connection with early societies that had charity as well to support their small communites they were creating thousands of years ago.

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