YPI Project



I really enjoyed working on the YPI Project. I learned about communicating in the real world. When emailing teachers you usually get a response within hours, but non-profits have much larger inboxes and so we had to email NAMI many times before we got a response. It was difficult to contact our charity in these last few days as we were trying to invite them to the final presentations. From experience, we learned that they are much more efficient returning calls than emails, but when we called they were not there. I am glad we were able to contact them finally, but they responded yesterday.
This was a very meaningful addition to our history class. A lot of people thought that the YPI had very little to do with History, but we have been learning all year about people and the way that they organized themselves and created civilizations. The Youth Philanthropic Initiative helps students learn about the struggles of other people in their community, so it is actually very connected to our class.

Here is the link to our charity: https://www.nami.org



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