Empty Bowls

Just last week I had the opportunity to participate in Empty Bowls. Empty Bowls is a club in which people make, paint, and glaze bowls that are then sold at a large dinner/ice cream event in the spring. All of the money made off of the bowls goes to charity to help end world hunger. I had a great time at Empty Bowls, I spent most of the day painting and glazing, and it was great to get the chance to work with clay pots again, I hadn’t since I was in lower and middle school! Plus, Jack did a great job of leading the club, and I learned a lot about the club and what it stands for. People of all skill levels participated in making, painting and glazing the bowls, and there were some very creative and professional looking ones as well. In fact, some of them had been made so they could be painted in two different colors, using a technic in which one would paint one layer, wipe it off and leave some in the cracks, and then paint another. Empty Bowls is great because it not only raises money for charity but also allows for creativity. I look forward to seeing Empty Bowls’ success once the bowls are sold.

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